Win32: gconfd-2: g_datalist_set_flags could not be found

Jan Schulz jasc at
Thu Jan 4 22:14:09 EST 2007


when I start the latest version (installed from 
gnucash-2.0.99-svn-r15309-setup.exe), I get a messagebox with the following 
error and afterwards (clicking ok) gnucash hangs:
The procedurestartingpoint "g_datalist_set_flags" could not be found in DLL 
"libglib-2.0-0.dll" (translated from german)

I suspected that something was in my PATH (I have a cygwin setup), but 
clearing that didn't help.

I have no clue how to go on from here. Any help welcome!

PS: Thanks for making gnucash available on windows! Finaly some control 
over my account :-) Thanks!

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