glib2 2.12.7 an improvement

Thomas Bushnell BSG tb at
Fri Jan 5 12:15:19 EST 2007

On Fri, 2007-01-05 at 00:53 -0500, David Reiser wrote:
> Well, there's some motion: glib2 2.12.7 now just throws a bunch of
> GLib-CRITICAL **: Invalid key name: Double Line Mode
> type errors on the terminal. But at least it reads and stores the  
> preferences. 2.0.4 works normally with glib2 2.12.7 (except for the  
> warnings)

And, FYI, the Debian version also allows spaces in key names so that we
don't get the warnings there.  However, the Debian maintainer is not
entirely confident, to say the least, that this change will be adopted
by upstream.


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