GnuCash / PocketPC

Tim Garthwaite tim at
Mon Jan 8 12:06:59 EST 2007


I was looking at and I think 
the GNUCash / PocketPC (and Windows, and OSX) along with syncing would 
be a major addition making Linux a good fit for personal use.  I would 
be very interested in helping to make this happen.  I own a Motorola Q 
(Windows Mobile 5 SmartPhone Edition), and run Windows at work and Linux 
(Ubuntu Edgy) at home.  I have had success syncing bookmarks, mail 
accounts, and contacts among all three platforms (Win, Lin, PPC) with 
FireFox, Thunderbird, and BirdySync (commercial software to sync 
Thunderbird on Windows with PPC) and rsync... Being able to run GnuCash 
from work without Cygwin, ssh, and X forwarding would rock the 
hizzouse...  Being able to even simply enter surprise income and 
expenses on the Q would make life simply grand.

I'm a CS grad with C, C++, C#.NET experience... Having the equipment 
means I can also help other interested developers with testing.

Think you'd want to team up and get at least pieces of this vision done?


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