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Tim Garthwaite tim at
Tue Jan 9 10:07:06 EST 2007


I actually installed the Win32 version yesterday and set up some 
accounts.  I didn't have the ambition to try the file out on my Linux 
box when I got home, but I plan to.  I assume the file formats will have 
no difference, so I plan to use rsync to keep home/work up to date with 
each other.  Loss of data wouldn't make me cry, so I'm happy to help 
test the unstable version.  Is there anything I should know about 
reporting a crash, if one were to occur?  Con I run the program in a 
debugging environment that would make a bug report more useful for you?

At any rate, I would be willing to help with the Windows coding/porting 
if that is needed, but it seems like that is under control, and my main 
interest is actually in building a separate, free, open source program 
for PocketPCs that would gather an up-to-date list of accounts from the 
PC on sync, and allow  tetherless journal entries that would in turn 
sync back up into Gnucash upon return (or through wireless if that is 
set up).   I think the first step in this would be to expose portions of 
the Gnucash API (or at least read/write the file format directly) 
through Microsoft ActiveSync on Windows and Synce on Linux.

What work has been done on importing and exporting of data?  Is there 
any good beginning developer documentation on Gnucash's architecture and 
file format, or should I just grab the source and dive in?

Also, and I hope not to start a battle or raise up any bad blood here, 
but are there any competing open source programs in the personal finance 
space?  Are there any open XML formats for this sort of data?  Should we 
create one?



Derek Atkins wrote:
> See for the current win32 status.
> We have an installed (unstable, for testing), but I doubt it would work
> on the Q.
> -derek
> Quoting Tim Garthwaite <tim at>:
>> Hello,
>> I was looking at and I think
>> the GNUCash / PocketPC (and Windows, and OSX) along with syncing would
>> be a major addition making Linux a good fit for personal use.  I would
>> be very interested in helping to make this happen.  I own a Motorola Q
>> (Windows Mobile 5 SmartPhone Edition), and run Windows at work and Linux
>> (Ubuntu Edgy) at home.  I have had success syncing bookmarks, mail
>> accounts, and contacts among all three platforms (Win, Lin, PPC) with
>> FireFox, Thunderbird, and BirdySync (commercial software to sync
>> Thunderbird on Windows with PPC) and rsync... Being able to run GnuCash
>> from work without Cygwin, ssh, and X forwarding would rock the
>> hizzouse...  Being able to even simply enter surprise income and
>> expenses on the Q would make life simply grand.
>> I'm a CS grad with C, C++, C#.NET experience... Having the equipment
>> means I can also help other interested developers with testing.
>> Think you'd want to team up and get at least pieces of this vision done?
>> Tim
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