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Daniel Espinosa esodan at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 19:28:49 EST 2007

Attached you'll find a C code example in how I can "hide" QOF from the
GObject implementation in the GC's engine.

Please consider the following:

1) This is just an example and not all the methods supported for the
objects had been implemented
2) This example just take three objects: the top level in the
hierarchi (a GncObject), a GncSplit with more detail in methods
examples and a GncAccount used in GncSplit
3) The code try to explain how this objects will interoperate: how a
virtual functions in GncObject will be implemented by, for example,
4) An interaction between the GncSplit and a poorly implemented GncAccount
5) It has a lot of erros and had'nt been tested before, just to show
an example :-)

For now, QofBook is required by the *new method in the objects, but
realy you can miss it and set it after the object has been created for
exaple (see GncObject), this isn't the final goal just a possibility
to realy "hide" QOF behind...

I'm thinking in create a GInterface with methods that must be
implemented by a object that will be a backend for the interaction of
the engine with the data, like in QofBackend; in this way the
GncObject's could call methods without call directly QOF, that will be
a backend (a Data Provider); this arquitecture could help in implement
diferent backends but based in a pure GObject framework.

Trabajar, la mejor arma para tu superación
"de grano en grano, se hace la arena" (R) (entrámite, pero para los
cuates: LIBRE)
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