OFX file sample fro GC

Ivars Grinbergs igrinbergs at inbox.lv
Fri Jan 12 04:50:45 EST 2007


could someone, please, point to or provide a valid sample OFX file, 
which could be imporetd into GC in order to see, that import utility 
works fine?

It could be as simple as bank statement with one transaction - I just 
want to be shure, that GC opens it, matches/creates two accounts and 
records a split.

Thanks in advance,

I used XML tools to generate sample OFX response xml file from OFX 
specification's .XSDs. Trying to import such file did not succeed.

What I'm tring to do is to write small utility which converts CSV file 
(which I can get from my bank) to OFX file so that I can import my bank 
statment (transactions against my checking account) into GC.

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