Fork(), etc on Windows

Andrew Wood andrew at
Sat Jan 13 11:30:43 EST 2007


Is anyone actively working on fork()/pipe()/gzip problem for GNUCash on 
Windows? If not then I thought I might see how far I can get in trying 
to fix it.

My first thought was to see what other projects had done about this 
problem, as it can't be too uncommon. I wondered about using libraries 
from UWIN which has an implementation of fork(), etc on Windows. That 
does seem too easy though (assuming it works)! Before I start on 
investigating it can anyone think of a reason not to follow this? 
Details of UWIN at

It's a while since I undertook software development but this particular 
problem seems like something of value to work on, but it might take me a 
while to set up the environment and tools, etc.


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