[Fwd: Bug#406378: gnucash bug #406378]

Thomas Bushnell BSG tb at becket.net
Sun Jan 14 15:52:34 EST 2007

See the attached message. :)

Please don't cast GType into guint; it breaks the API and fails on Alpha
(at least).  If you look at http://bugs.debian.org/406378, there is a
patch at the end of the bug log which Steve Langasek says fixes the
current problems.  Can someone please check that into gnucash for the
next release?

And, please, don't cast GType into guint.

Also, Steve is serious in asking "where did they get the idea this was
ok"; apparently there are *lots* of gtk+ programs which are doing this,
and so he really would like to find what documentation or whatever is
confusing and leading people to make this mistake so often in so many
different programs.


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