No common currency warnings

Per Bojsen per.bojsen at
Thu Jan 25 23:25:30 EST 2007


I noticed the file /tmp/gnucash-trace and took a look at it.  I
noticed some ominous warnings in it:

  Warning: xaccTransFindOldCommonCurrency(): unable to find a common currency in tx
n 0c54912e8db3692eac72d20ff4ecd5c0, and that is strange.
  Warning: xaccTransScrubCurrency(): no common transaction currency found for trans
="Trans description deleted" (0c54912e8db3692eac72d20ff4ecd5c0)

Is this something to be concerned about and if yes how do I fix it?
This is with Gnucash 2.0.2 on Debian etch (built from r14936 on
2006-12-17 according to about).  I'm looking at the transaction
in question in the .xac file and there is something odd about
the split:value tag:

      <split:id type="guid">311b6d8e63ac632de7501018add7a996</split:id>
      <split:account type="guid">e77942eb48fc7a0712eaf81360c1cb08</split:account>

The `normal' transactions have split:value like this:


I think I've seen this before and was able to `fix' the problem by
editing the split fields (using a text editor).


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