No common currency warnings

Mark Johnson mrj001 at
Fri Jan 26 00:08:21 EST 2007

Try "Check and Repair". It should be under the Actions menu. Probably 
select the accounts containing the affected transactions for "Check and 

This used to happen when replaying logs, but that was fixed. The 
transactions were created without a currency, resulting in the same 
error. The description for bug 143720 indicates that Check and Repair 
adds the currency, if it can determine what it should be.

So if your error has the same cause (check your xml to see if the 
problematic transactions have a currency), this should fix it for you.


Per Bojsen wrote:

>I noticed the file /tmp/gnucash-trace and took a look at it.  I
>noticed some ominous warnings in it:
>  Warning: xaccTransFindOldCommonCurrency(): unable to find a common currency in tx
>n 0c54912e8db3692eac72d20ff4ecd5c0, and that is strange.
>  Warning: xaccTransScrubCurrency(): no common transaction currency found for trans
>="Trans description deleted" (0c54912e8db3692eac72d20ff4ecd5c0)
>Is this something to be concerned about and if yes how do I fix it?
>This is with Gnucash 2.0.2 on Debian etch (built from r14936 on
>2006-12-17 according to about).  I'm looking at the transaction
>in question in the .xac file and there is something odd about
>the split:value tag:
>    <trn:split>
>      <split:id type="guid">311b6d8e63ac632de7501018add7a996</split:id>
>      <split:action>Check</split:action>
>      <split:reconciled-state>n</split:reconciled-state>
>      <split:value>5000000/100000</split:value>
>      <split:quantity>5000/100</split:quantity>
>      <split:account type="guid">e77942eb48fc7a0712eaf81360c1cb08</split:account>
>    </trn:split>
>The `normal' transactions have split:value like this:
>      <split:value>5000/100</split:value>
>I think I've seen this before and was able to `fix' the problem by
>editing the split fields (using a text editor).

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