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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Jan 30 10:23:50 EST 2007

Chris <cxl000 at hotmail.com> writes:

>> Too complex? Any hard impacts on GC as it is now?
>> Comments please (if this deserves any!).

Yeah, I think this is way too complex...

>> Ethy
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>    Would a full automagical increment need to deal with locale.
> If so have a localized order string "0123456789ABC...Z0" and a skip
> string " ,."

No, I dont think it needs to be that complicated.

> Iterate over each character in reverse numerical order skipping over
> character in the skip string indexing into the string and take the next
> character. If you wrap to "0" increment the next character else add the
> rest of the string. if you reach the end of the string and need to
> increment with an overflow add a "1".
> I'm willing to code up a patch, I just prefer to have agreement on
> specifications before I start.

I think it just needs to skip over all non-numeric until the end; we
only need to deal with strings of the form "c*d+", where we have any
number (including zero) of leading alpha-numerics, followed by at
least one digit.  Then we just need to keep the same minimum number of
digits in the increment, and leave the "c*" substring alone.

For example:

   000123   ->   000124
   A999     ->   A1000
   0A1C999  ->   0A1C1000

I don't think it needs to be any more configurable than this.

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