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Josh Sled jsled at
Tue Jul 3 18:32:37 EDT 2007

Jeroen Nijhof <jeroen at> writes:
> I guess the actual problem that Martin has is: custom reports are too
> obscure! I've found out how to do them now: generate the report as usual,


> So -- (1) the manual does not mention the possibility to save custom reports,
> it would be nice if it does (in the section about reports)

New text as a patch against gnome-docs is welcome.

> (2) Even when I had figured out that it was possible to save custom reports,
> I still could not find how to: because having to rename the report before
> you are offered the opportunity to save it is counter-intuitive.
> What would probably be a better user experience is that the 'Add Report'
> button is always active, but that for a report that is not renamed
> it brings up a pop-up window asking you for a name to save the report under.

Presently, it should complain that the report needs to be renamed, but it
does not at that point prompt you for the new name.

> And on a related matter: 
> if you rename a report, and then rename it back, then the 'Add Report'
> button is still active. Should it be?

Probably not.

The reports system needs a major overhaul, but this aspect of it is one of
the more annoying parts, true.

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