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JT Justman jt at
Thu Jul 5 01:56:06 EDT 2007

Vahur Lokk wrote:
> Hi all!
> Trying out Gnucash for my one-man-translation business (been using GC 
> for my family bookkeeping on and off for couple of years). One note 
> about business functions.
> In a small business like mine amount of customers is not really very 
> big. I've got maybe 2-3 big ones plus bunch of smaller clients. The same 
> with vendors - I get bills from ISP, phone company, mobile company, car 
> lease and thats it. In order to pick a vendor from my huge 4-vendor list 
> I have to use search. First, its bit of an overkill and not very 
> convenient. Second, there is not a way to see, who I actually have in my 
> list. It might sometimes come in handy (think dupes etc.).
> Maybe it would be more user-friendly to make some kind of list window 
> for customers and vendors where one can search if one so wishes?

Hi, Vahur! This is exactly what I've been wishing for, and the reason
I've been lurking here. Since you've broken the silence, I'll chime in.
I'm in the same boat - always creating invoices for the same 3-4
clients. It takes me about 10 clicks to get to the point where I can
perform my most-used task - add a line item to an un-posted invoice.
Sometimes I can leave some windows open, which helps, but not to the
point that it doesn't bug me.

I would offer to try to tackle this but GUI programming is not exactly
my thing.


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