Using gnome-doc-utils for help files

Josh Sled jsled at
Thu Jul 5 10:16:52 EDT 2007

Pierre-Antoine Lacaze <pa.lacaze at> writes:
> I'm beginning the French translation of Gnucash's help, and have been
> suggested that it would be a good move to look into converting
> gnucash-help to gnome-doc-utils [1]. g-d-u is supposedly the preferred
> way for documentation handling, and make use of po files.
> I more or less ported it already, and would like to know if there is a
> compelling reason not to move over.
> I fear myself with po files the lack of flexibility required in highly
> technical, country-specific documentation.

For a bit more color, you and I discussed this on IRC [1], though the other
day you came back and seemed to indicate that it didn't work out so well
[2].  So, is that a compelling reason to not move over?

In any case, can you please post a patch against the gnucash-docs sources
that "implements" gnome-doc-utils?


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