Re (IRC): 2.2.0 and auto-save

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Jul 5 10:56:48 EDT 2007

Chris Shoemaker <c.shoemaker at> writes:

>> Following this way of thought I would decide for choice #1, leave  
>> as-is for 2.2.0. What do the other developers say?
> For better or for worse, we've conditioned users (me included) to
> expect that they can 1) open GnuCash, 2) make undesired changes for
> the purposes of exploration or experimentation, 3) close GnuCash w/o
> saving, and 4) re-open GnuCash with their data in exactly the state
> they last saved it.

* me too *  :(

> Purely as a matter of politeness, I think it would be rude to change
> this behavior without any user action.


> Given the current difficulty of implementing a
> autosave-to-alternate-file behavior, I'd suggest the following:
> #4) (a refinement of #2)  Leave auto-save enabled by default, but change 
> the behavior slightly:
>   - When autosave triggers prompt the user with:
> ==== Auto-save ====
>   Do you want to auto-save your data file?
>   [some explanation of the implications;]
>   [explanation that this can be customized in Preferences]
>      [Yes, just this once] [Yes, always] [No, not right now *] [No, never]
> ===================
> * default
>   Until either (a) the user sets something in the preferences, or (b) they
> choose one of the always/never options, then this dialog should continue to
> appear _every_ time the auto-save triggers.
>   This means:
>   - The original behavior is one click away (No, never).
>   - The fully automated auto-save behavior is one click away (Yes, always).
>   - It leaves the user the option of full control. (with or w/o further dialog)
>   - Even users that don't want autosave may appreciate the reminder to save 
>     manually, (or they can avoid it, if not).
>   - It allows the use of the autosave feature even in cases where the user
>     wants to make unsaved changes.
> In any case, I am against changing the default setting in a way that
> requires long-time users to set a Preference in order to restore the
> behavior they've become used to, and at least some find useful.  OTOH,
> I think auto-save is a very compelling feature we should make very
> easy to enable.
> So, I'm fine with #2, #3, or #4, but not with #1.

I like this option #4, too.  I'm also with Chris here with #2, #3, or
#4 but not #1.  I think I'd prefer #4, then #3, then #2.

> And, thanks for the nice feature, Christian. :)

DEFINITELY agreed!  Thank you, Christian!

> -chris


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