Crash of latest SVN

Nigel Titley nigel at
Thu Jul 5 16:02:51 EDT 2007

Derek Atkins wrote:
> Quoting Nigel Titley <nigel at>:
>> Latest SVN, built under Ubuntu Feisty, after a make clean and into a new
>> install tree gives me

> Try "make maintainer-clean"?  QOF-ID-BOOK-SCM is defined in 
> src/engine/engine.i
> but I dont know when it was added.  When was your last build?

Well, a complete build from a virgin source tree, installed into a 
brand-new install tree is working. Heaven knows what piece of lint 
caused this. I've been rebuilding every week for a couple of months. I 
guess it was just bit-rot again.


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