docbook export from Mediawiki

Pierre-Antoine pa.lacaze at
Fri Jul 6 10:57:34 EDT 2007

Christian Stimming a écrit :
> Quoting Pierre-Antoine <pa.lacaze at>:
>> I suspected so, and pot files indeed look scary and unusable.
>> Does someone know a good way of handling big doc translation in a
>> collaborative fashion, without resorting to hard to use tools ? I know
>> of a wiki engine capable of editing docbooks, or exporting to docbooks.
> I think wiki editing and exporting to docbook would be a very good
> solution, because for collaborative document editing the wiki is just
> fine, whereas docbook as export format would give you the opportunity
> to create any further formats that might be needed.
> However, every now and then as I was looking into the export function
> of mediawiki (Mediawiki-to-docbook export) it turns out there still
> isn't an easy and error-free solution to do this. For example, there
> is but on Docbook
> export (and export) the quoted code fragments (Lines
> starting with whitespace, or "<tt>" markup) sometimes silently
> disappear, which is not tolerable for actual documentation editing.
> If anyone can point us to an actually *working* implementation of
> Mediawiki-export-to-docbook, we'd be happy to provide the necessary
> Mediawiki infrastructure and set up the conversion from our wiki to
> the gnucash-docs package. But so far I can't see a solution that
> really works.
> For the record, here are further (partially dead) projects about
> exporting:
> And the above mentioned,
> with its SVN repo
> Regards,
> Christian

I will try some wiki -> docbook tools on my box, and see if one fits. As
an alternative, other wiki engines such as DocBookWiki [1] specialize
int that matter, but I guess it would have to be set up as an external
As an alternative, I might consider using AsciiDoc [2], which seems
pretty sweet.


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