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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Jul 6 17:00:53 EDT 2007

Andrew Sackville-West <ajswest at> writes:

>> Nope, the business stuff isn't in the registers at all.  This is
>> why you NEED to use the Invoice and "Process Payment" functions
>> through the menus and NOT use the registers..  The registers have
>> no clue about the business features.
> yeah, okay. I knew that, but I thought, despite that, that there was
> some vaguelink back to the business features. thanks for the
> enlightenment. 

Well, there's a GUID link in the transaction KVP for reference.

>> Now, it might be worth it to add a "contact database" and migrate
>> the customer and vendor list to a common "contacts DB".  And then
>> we could tie the check-printing and register payees into the
>> contacts DB.
> that still requires putting additional data of some kind into the
> transaction. Unless you were to search the contactsDB everytime, which
> I would think is a less-than-ideal solution. What is your opinion
> about putting more data in the transaction? 

Not a problem; we just put it into the KVP.

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