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ahmad sayed ahmadsayed83 at
Sat Jul 7 06:46:59 EDT 2007

Hi Josh,

Sorry for my long silence i got some issues with my PC lately, I solved it at last,

currently i have a mix of good news and bad news.
the good news is:

1 - Currently we have wrapper to most of dialogs, our wrapper module reach more than 1000 LOC.
2 - I'm able to test the register and i compelete a smplified version of tutorial 1  and 2.

the bad news is:
1 - In order to be  able to access some components, I use some raw inputs,  according to dogtail  the raw input is to do mouse click using the coordinate,  
rawClick(wiget.position[0], widget.position[1])

2 - I got a problem with expanding the tree in the account pages so i only could create an account like
only parent and child more account like Expense:Taxs:Insurance currently no luck with them

also to access the register I use some tricks and work around Like 

    def set_cell_text(self, text):
        relative_pos = self.column_val - self.prev_col_val
        print relative_pos
        if relative_pos > 0 :
            for i in range(relative_pos):
            for i in range(abs(relative_pos)):


in this code i save my previos position in if it is after my current position press tab for n times else press shit-tab for n times, something like this.

ofcourse i was expecting more from dogtail unlike other Testing tool, i used or read about but the register needs some work to make it play nice with dogtail(make it accessible), 

BTW: i tried to play with gnucash register code, and atk but i make a very slight progress, like making dogtail read the  register as table but it will require a lot of time the register code is too big.

3 - i have a problem with my svn account I contacted Derek to help me solving it.

The news ends here, :)

Back to testplan running:
you suggested some approach like Junit,  I tried pyunit and it looks nice to me,  do you have any issues regarding using it to organize our test cases.

Best regards,
Ahmed Sayed

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