Special Translations for Windows menu items, anyone?

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Sun Jul 8 09:16:47 EDT 2007

Our preparations for the 2.2.0 release that features GnuCash on Windows are 
right on track. Andreas and everyone have been squashing lots of bugs, 
especially windows-specific ones, so that IMHO 2.2.0 for next weekend can be 
released just fine.

There is one peculiarity about the newly introduced user-visible strings on 
Windows: The menu items in the Windows Start menu by default will appear in 
English. It is possible to translate those as well, but their translations 
must be written into a different file than the normal po/LL.po files. 
Instead, translations of our custom strings *during the Windows installer* 
and *in the Start menu* have to be written into the control file of the Inno 
setup.exe generator.

If anyone is up for translating these few strings to different languages, I've 
appended the collection below, along with the existing German translation. 
Each message simply is one line. If you want to contribute your translation, 
just send it to me and I'll commit it to SVN.

Also, two text files are presented during the User while going through the 
Setup wizard on Windows: COPYING for the license, and 
doc/README.win32-bin.txt as an explanation after the installation has been 
completed. For both files, translated versions can be supplied as well, as I 
have already done for the README. If you are up for translating those as well 
(and the README is probably more interesting), just submit these to me as 

Best Regards,


;; *** "Select Components" wizard page
FullInstall=Full installation
CustomInstall=Custom installation
CreateDesktopIcon=Create a &desktop icon
CreateMenuLink=Create a start menu link
RunPrg=Run GnuCash now
AdditionalIcons=Create these icons:
StatusMsgFirewall=Installing Windows firewall rules...

MainFiles=GnuCash Program
TranslFiles=Translation Files
TemplFiles=Account Template Files

IconComment_GnuCash=GnuCash Free Finance Manager
IconComment_README=Show the README file
IconName_FAQ=FAQ (Online)
IconName_Bugzilla=Report a Bug (Online)
IconName_InstallFQ=Install Online Price Retrieval
IconComment_InstallFQ=Install the necessary perl module Finance-Quote for 
online retrieval of prices.  Requires ActivePerl 5.8
IconName_Uninstall=Uninstall GnuCash
IconComment_Uninstall=Uninstall the Finance Manager GnuCash

;; German translation

de.CreateDesktopIcon=Ein Icon auf dem Desktop erstellen
de.CreateMenuLink=Eine Verknüpfung im Startmenü erstellen
de.RunPrg=GnuCash jetzt starten
de.AdditionalIcons=Folgende Icons erstellen:
de.StatusMsgFirewall=Ausnahmen für Windows-Firewall installieren...

de.MainFiles=GnuCash Hauptprogramm
de.TranslFiles=Deutsche Übersetzung

de.IconComment_GnuCash=GnuCash OpenSource-Finanzverwaltung
de.IconName_README=README anzeigen
de.IconComment_README=Die Informationsdatei (README) anzeigen
de.IconName_FAQ=Häufige Fragen (online, engl.)
de.IconName_Bugzilla=Fehlerbericht einsenden (online, engl.)
de.IconName_InstallFQ=Online Kursabruf installieren
de.IconComment_InstallFQ=Das zusätzliche Modul Finance-Quote installieren, um 
online Aktien- und Devisenkurse abrufen zu können.  Dazu ist das Programm 
ActivePerl 5.8 erforderlich.
de.IconName_Uninstall=Deinstallieren von GnuCash
de.IconComment_Uninstall=Die OpenSource-Finanzverwaltung GnuCash wieder 
deinstallieren und vom Computer löschen

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