gnucash-2.1.5-setup.exe versus gnucash-2.1.5-svn-r16280-setup.exe

Christian Stimming stimming at
Mon Jul 9 05:29:14 EDT 2007

Quoting Stephen Grant Brown <s_g_brown at>:

> Dear Sir/sMadams,
> What is the difference between gnucash-2.1.5-setup.exe and   
> gnucash-2.1.5-svn-r16280-setup.exe?


The r16280 is newer.

Gee. I was asked to provide an in-between binary build *just this  
time* so that the bugfix for could be verified,  
and immediately we get confused questions about it. Didn't we state  
clearly enough these are still *development* releases...


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