QIF/CSV import date parsing code

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Jul 10 19:06:19 EDT 2007

Thomas Baumgart <ipwizard at users.sourceforge.net> writes:

> You might find some more information about the problem here:
> http://kmymoney2.sourceforge.net/online-manual/details.impexp.qifimp.html#id2512201

Interesting.  The way I'd handle it is to assume "70-99" -> 1970-1999
and "00-60" == 2000-2060.  If we find a year "61-69" consider it an
error because, at least in GnuCash, we can't handle years prior to
1970.  This will at least work for the next 50 years, and by then we
can hopefully get rid of QIF. ;)

I'd prefer not to require the users to set up a profile if I can avoid
it.  The less a user has to think about it the better, and in the case
of QIF there's rarely an issue.

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