Release Manager needed

Chris Lyttle chris at
Sun Jul 15 16:37:17 EDT 2007

Hi all,

With the release now of GnuCash 2.2.0 I am announcing that I will be 
stepping down as Release Manager. I have enjoyed immensely working with 
you all but due to work time commitments I can no longer participate in 
GnuCash on this kind of level. I will still be about and obviously, 
whoever steps up to become release manager I will be more than happy to 
help train so that they can ease into the process. Hopefully in the 
future, if I have more time, I can once again become more active within 
the GnuCash community.

This email is simultaneously a call to anyone who feels they can make 
the commitment to GnuCash to become involved in the development by 
becoming the Release Manager. I wish you well and will be available to 
answer any questions you have.


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