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Wed Jul 18 13:56:03 EDT 2007

(This really belongs on gnucash-user, so I've CC'ed it there instead.)

"Anna Ash" <jaash2000 at> writes:
> I can't figure out how to install this program.  I downloaded it and found
> it was some achieved/zipped files and got them unzipped but can't seem to
> locate an install file.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I'm assuming you're referring to GnuCash-2.2.0.

If you're on Windows, you'll want to download and run the executable at

If you're on unix, you'll want to wait until your distribution/vendor offers
a pre-built package of Gnucash 2.2, and install it using your distribution's
package manager.

I'm not sure what you downloaded, since you didn't identify it at all, but if
it's the sources, then it should have an INSTALL at the top.   If you have
the sources, it's possible to compile the software yourself (on either unix
or Windows) ... more information on that can be found at

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