windows wget location changed (was: Compiling gnucash)

Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu Jul 19 04:26:13 EDT 2007

Dear Stephen,

Quoting Stephen Grant Brown <s_g_brown at>:
> I wish to compile gnucash on my computer.

Great! .-)

> I read the following
> * Download wget
> from -> Current -> mingwPORT ->   
> (bin, wget-*)
> I am unable to see a bin file of mingwPORT
> What am I doing worng?

Oh, it's not your fault. The page got reorganized recently  
and we haven't been able to adapt our instructions.

The download overview of the MinGW project is now available solely at ; the wget  
binary package is... hm... well, where is it? Shoot. It somehow  

Maybe the "Binaries (zip)" of might help you,  
direct link:

But maybe you have to experiment a bit. Sorry for that.


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