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Josh Sled jsled at
Thu Jul 19 19:26:41 EDT 2007

ahmad sayed <ahmadsayed83 at> writes:
> 2 - I'm able to test the register and i compelete a smplified version of tutorial 1  and 2.

This is great. :)

> the bad news is:
> 1 - In order to be  able to access some components, I use some raw inputs,  according to dogtail  the raw input is to do mouse click using the coordinate, 
> Like
> rawClick(wiget.position[0], widget.position[1])

(As Derek asked:) are these window x,y coordinates, or logical widget

> 2 - I got a problem with expanding the tree in the account pages so i only could create an account like
> Expenses:Taxs
> only parent and child more account like Expense:Taxs:Insurance currently no luck with them

Where does the problem lie?  With dogtail, I imagine...?  It seems somewhat
important that we're able to test files as generated with our "Common
Accounts" account-template.

> BTW: i tried to play with gnucash register code, and atk but i make a very slight progress, like making dogtail read the  register as table but it will require a lot of time the register code is
> too big.

Yeah. :(

Feel free to completely ignore this, but maybe it makes sense for you to look
at the 'register-rewrite' branch, and see if you can contribute at least a
basic dogtail-based test using that register.  It should be far easier, and
hopefully we'll move to that codeline in the (near) future.

> you suggested some approach like Junit,  I tried pyunit and it looks nice to me,  do you have any issues regarding using it to organize our test cases.

It looks like you've started down that path.  Whatever you're comfortable
using is good, but things that are established and will time (like python's
`unittest` module) are always good to leverage.

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