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Josh Sled jsled at asynchronous.org
Thu Jul 19 19:51:22 EDT 2007

"Benjamin Sperisen" <lasindi at gmail.com> writes:
> What can the importer do now?
> 4. It can handle three different column types: Amount, Date, and
> Description. The columns can be in any order.

Other columns you may want to support:

- transaction number
- transaction identifier
- comment

It might be that the easiest thing to do is just concatenate some of those
fields together into the memo of the resultant transaction, rather than try
to get a 1-to-1 mapping to gnucash fields.

> 5. This is not necessarily a CSV import issue, but the date parsing
> function does not yet take into account the issue raised by Thomas
> (https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-devel/2007-July/020954.html).

I'm not sure if the mixed-separator issue is significant outside of QIF
files, or otherwise wide-spread.

I did notice that converting the "txt-format" downloads I can get from Bank
of America (which look like `lynx -dump`ed versions of their html, honestly)
into CSV left me with just 'mm/dd' dates (no year).  That doesn't seem all
that unreasonable, and should be supported as well.

> Problem 4 will largely take time, but if anyone has any CSV files that
> they'd like to try this with, feel free -- the code should be stable
> enough that it's not totally unusable at this point. As long as you

Another thing I noticed with my manufactured CSV file was that some of the
lines had '$'s before the value, and some had column-based credit/debit value
distinctions; I could imagine other CSV-providers that used +/- for such a
distinction.  This might end up as an RFE building on this project, but
handling these cases seems pretty important.

> encountered that before (though I could be wrong). I'll also have to
> learn some about regular expressions, as I know next to nothing about
> them, to add the functionality.

FWIW, regexp is one of the most useful things I've ever learned, so don't
hesitate! :)

> Anyway, that's where the code is and where it still needs to go. As
> always, let me know if you have any comments or suggestions!

This is looking very good... very nice work, so far. :)

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