SQL Backend?

keith keith at bellairs.org
Fri Jul 20 20:49:06 EDT 2007

The sql script for creating tables has lived at

The version in the gda-dev branch was last changed in 2003, so it is 
somewhat poisonous.

I know there was discussion on the list last year of a data model that 
was being tested in pg and mysql.  But I haven't seen it yet. As Derek 
says, it appears not to have made it into the branch. (Unless is has 
some other sneaky name.)

Derek Atkins wrote:
> "Albert Lash" <albert.lash at gmail.com> writes:
>> Is the data model that is / was used for the SQL backend around anywhere?
> Check the email archives.  Phil had sent in some designs about
> a year ago or so..  But I dont think those designs made it into
> the gda-dev branch anywhere.
> -derek

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