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ahmad sayed ahmadsayed83 at
Mon Jul 23 13:03:52 EDT 2007

Sorry for the delay, I was out of home for 3 days:).

>> (As Derek asked:) are these window x,y coordinates, or logical widget locations?

>> Based on the command above I'd ASSUME it's logical widget locations..
?? But I'm wondering how it deals with invisible widgets.
yes it is logical,
yes i could not deal with invisible widget, but please could you give me a solid example for this invisible widget, I use a mix of mouse coordinate and keyboard hot-keys, you could look at the code on the dogtail branch 
in (Class Register), I will add more comments to make it more clear.

>> 2 - I got a problem with expanding the tree in the account pages so i only could create an account like
>> Expenses:Taxs
>> only parent and child more account like Expense:Taxs:Insurance currently no luck with them

> Where does the problem lie?  With dogtail, I imagine...?  It seems somewhat
> important that we're able to test files as generated with our "Common
> Accounts" account-template.

dogtail could expand a tree from other application, i tried it with at-spi browser (an application  bundeled with  dogtail),  but with gnucash i could only collapse the treetable?!!, i am going to find out other options, I'm also going to dogtail mailing list to find out what does this mean.

Derek said:
> I'd suggest that instead of this you work on all the other dialogs and
> try to get as much coverage as you can without spending too much time
> purely on the register.

I'm with Derek, I expect more issues while writing more testcases.

Josh Said:
> you suggested some approach like Junit,  I tried pyunit and it
looks nice to me,  do you have any issues regarding using it to
organize our test cases.
> It looks like you've started down that path.  Whatever you're comfortable
> using is good, but things that are established and will time (like python's
> `unittest` module) are always good to leverage.

(good to leverag) sorry I didn't get the meaning of this expression, i hope it means that you agree with me on using pyunit :).

Best Regards,
Ahmed Sayed

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