SQL Backend?

Josh Sled jsled at asynchronous.org
Tue Jul 24 19:40:08 EDT 2007

"Albert Lash" <albert.lash at gmail.com> writes:
> Am I correct in my assumption that this code isn't actually used with
> the current, non-SQL,  backend? 

That's right; each backend is basically stand-alone.  Of course it shares a
rough outline with the runtime object model and XML data-model, just by

> Thoughts? I'm doing a bunch of work on pbooks right now and if any of
> it can benefit gnucash, I'll try to make it to happen.

If you see concrete opportunities for sharing, by all means write it up.

I'm sure it's going to come down to the models being just different enough,
either because of historical warts or just reasonably different application
functionality, that they data models will "want" to be different.  Not to
discourage, but it feels like an extra level of effort to try to keep two
application's data models in some sort of sync.

At the same time, I'd be really interested to know how different from the
XRBL model gnucash is.  I could just look at the specs, I guess.

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