FAQ update: request for help

Josh Sled jsled at asynchronous.org
Tue Jul 24 20:53:30 EDT 2007

The FAQ <http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ> has a bit of cruft, and hasn't
really gained a bunch of new items that we've seen with the 2.2 and even the
2.0 releases.

I sketched out a set of new FAQ entries.  I'm looking for review of things I
might have missed, as well, as help in generating the copy/text of the
Answer.  In some cases I've noted the dates of recent -user threads (see the
archives at <http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/>) that might be
a good starting point for summarization.

If you have a few minutes to help, please pick one and respond.  Even better,
please update the FAQ and just say that you've done so. :)

- to add

  - Reply-To munging

  - Database backend/branch status.

    - Include history re: 1.8, PG backend, &c.

  - "I've lost my account tree page?!"

    - File > New > New Account Page

  - password protection of datafile?

    - mostly in
      but no one is going to phrase their question that way...

  - The Register and CJK 

    - summarize 18-Jul thread, and others.

  - "${something_bad} happened. :(  How can I debug?"

    - run in terminal
    - console output
    - gnucash.trace (location difference between 'nix/osx and windows)

  - reordering accounts?

    - parent/child vs. sibling order

  - delays in transfer between accounts

    - summarize 06-Jul thread

  - HOWTO: "Class accounting"

    - summarize 02-Jul thread


    - this seems to be a permathread, and is already somewhat covered in the FAQ.

  - fix the "ISO stock" FAQ re:

    - say "private [stock]" and "options" somewhere
    - note specifically that you can type over the combobox to create new
      types like "private".

  - "Multiple bills with one Payment?"

    - Just use process payment.  Applied in FIFO order.  &c.

  - file extensions

    - .xac (though same as the backups), .gnucash, .gnc.
    - shared-mime-info registration

- to remove

  - gnome2-related entries

  - (most) gnucash-1.8-related entries

- to move

  - a bunch of §4 (Using GnuCash) questions should be in §7 (Accounting).

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