autopackage [was: Hi Guys]

Josh Sled jsled at
Tue Jul 24 23:21:10 EDT 2007

Daniel James <daniel at> writes:
> Just wondering if it would be possible for you guys to
> provide .autopackage files for gnucash for linux. I do plan on
> downloading and compiling anyway, but I'd love it if I could just
> double-click ;)

(You might want to be careful with your subject line ... this one looks
basically identical to other spam in the moderation queue.)

We welcome the contribution of a (maintained) autopackage control file; we've
had a few requests identical to this one, but no contribution.

I note that we do have binary relocation support, from the 'BinReloc'
package; c.f. <>.  I believe some
of the motivation for this was autopackage.

(I'm personally sympathetic to the idea that autopackage is ... broken.
Still, I'd happily commit such a contribution.)

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