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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Jul 25 14:29:57 EDT 2007


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keith <keith at> writes:

> Should gda-dev compile? If so, what's this?
>     |checking if guile needs our copy of (guile www)... ./configure:
>     line 25786: syntax error near unexpected token `gnc_have_guile_www,'
>     ./configure: line 25786:
>     `GUILE_MODULE_AVAILABLE(gnc_have_guile_www,(www main))'|

Yes, it should compile..  But I dont think anyone but Phil has
tried it lately.  This configure error is based on your version
of guile and the autotools.  There's a fix in trunk that apparently
hasn't been pulled into the gda-dev branch.  Maybe Phil will
merge back from trunk soon.

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