Small feature request: better tab behavior in Split transactions

Josh Sled jsled at
Sun Jul 29 17:56:44 EDT 2007

Christopher Blunck <chris at> writes:
> seen in step #5.  If you press tab on step #5 and you are brought to  
> a new subtransaction line why doesn't that ALWAYS happen?

Because there's a bug in the tab handling.  I believe it's already been
filed, but I don't have time at present to find it at

> The bottom line is that there doesn't appear to be a keyboard only  
> way of journalling a split transaction, and that's a huge pain in the  
> neck when I'm journalling my credit card statement (it has over 200  
> transactions sometimes).  Going from keyboard to mouse and then back  
> to keyboard significantly slows me down.

I regularly only use the keyboard.  With auto-split mode and a bit of extra
tab-/arrow-ing after it resets back up to the description, I get by.  It is
annoying that the focus resets to the description, however.

> GnuCash 1.x didn't have this behavior.  Please help restore the  
> GnuCash 1.x behavior of tabs in split transactions.

What you're seeing isn't an intentional change in behavior so much as a side
effect of a change in an overly-complex piece of GnuCash (the register).

I'm not saying the bug shouldn't get fixed or the behavior shouldn't change,
of course.  But if you're conceiving of it as an intentional change we can
revert, you're wrong.

> Issue #2: Cancel button in a split transaction doesn't work.

The Cancel button in a transaction works exactly as it should: it cancels
editing the Transaction.

(A bit of clarification: a Transaction contains Splits (lines).  All
Transactions are split transactions, even if we only show one of the Splits
(i.e., in Basic register mode)).

> Issue #3: Blank doesn't "blank" a transaction.  It takes you to the  
> bottom of the ledger.  I understand that this is intuitive to you  

Given that we have the following concepts:

- Cancel Transaction (being edited)
- Enter Transaction (being edited)
- Delete Transaction
- Delete Split (in Transaction)
- Remove (all) Transaction Splits
- Blank (goto the Blank Transaction)

What other names would you suggest?

"Blank" could be safely renamed "New Transaction", I think.  I think the icon
is appropriate, but I'd agree the name there is not as unambiguous as it
could be.

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