Comments to IRC discussion: transaction importer and imbalance-account

Benjamin Sperisen lasindi at
Mon Jun 4 11:55:56 EDT 2007

> lasindi: In summary, I agree this is a bug and should be changed. But
> for now I would recommend you should ignore that importer bug and just
> focus on the CSV import part. Either you or someone else will probably
> pick up this issue with the generic importer and Imbalance-account
> handling sometime later...

Alright, I'll stick to the CSV stuff. The one thing I'm still
wondering about though is the fact that the OFX importer does appear
to create splits to the Imbalance account, without help from the user;
I'm not sure if this is something particular to the OFX file I'm
testing with, but I don't think it is. Is it possible for me to do
something within my importer code (e.g. whatever it's doing) to at
least get Imbalance splits?


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