Special version of automake required?

Graham Leggett minfrin at sharp.fm
Tue Jun 12 19:47:51 EDT 2007

Derek Atkins wrote:

>> Running aclocal  -I macros ...
>> aclocal:configure.in:51: warning: macro `AM_GCONF_SOURCE_2' not found 
>> in library
>> aclocal:configure.in:81: warning: macro `AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT' not 
>> found in library
>> aclocal:configure.in:229: warning: macro `AM_PATH_GLIB_2_0' not found 
>> in library
> This implies you don't have GCONF, GLIB, and GLIB-GETTEXT installed
> so aclocal can't find the associated macros.  Please read 
> README.dependencies

I am trying to build against fink, which is not listed in 

Gnucash v2.0.5 was installed from source on this machine, so I am 
struggling to figure out why this tree doesn't work when gnucash v2.0.5 did.

All of glib, glib2, gconf and gconf2 are installed, with their 
corresponding dev packages. Does anyone know specifically which packages 
the above messages refer to?

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