Special version of automake required?

David Reiser dbreiser at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 13 02:35:05 EDT 2007

On 12 Jun 2007, at 7:47:51 PM, Graham Leggett wrote:

> Derek Atkins wrote:
>>> Running aclocal  -I macros ...
>>> aclocal:configure.in:51: warning: macro `AM_GCONF_SOURCE_2' not  
>>> found in library
>>> aclocal:configure.in:81: warning: macro `AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT' not  
>>> found in library
>>> aclocal:configure.in:229: warning: macro `AM_PATH_GLIB_2_0' not  
>>> found in library
>> This implies you don't have GCONF, GLIB, and GLIB-GETTEXT installed
>> so aclocal can't find the associated macros.  Please read  
>> README.dependencies
> I am trying to build against fink, which is not listed in  
> README.dependencies.
> Gnucash v2.0.5 was installed from source on this machine, so I am  
> struggling to figure out why this tree doesn't work when gnucash  
> v2.0.5 did.
> All of glib, glib2, gconf and gconf2 are installed, with their  
> corresponding dev packages. Does anyone know specifically which  
> packages the above messages refer to?
> Regards,
> Graham
> --

If you built from source using 'fink install gnucash2', then you can  
'fink rebuild gnucash2' to have fink check that all the dependencies  
are there. If you built gnucash by hand using fink to supply all the  
dependencies, then the gory list of dependencies is:

BuildDepends: <<
   aqbanking16, atk1, audiofile, bzip2-dev, esound,
   gail17-dev, gconf2-dev, gettext-tools, glib2-dev ( >= 2.12.7 ),  
   gnome-vfs2-unified-dev, gtk+2-dev, gtkhtml3.8.15-dev,
   guile16-dev, gwenhywfar38, ktoblzcheck, libart2, libbonobo2-dev,  
   libgettext3-dev, libglade2, libgnome2-dev, libgnomecanvas2-dev,
   libgnomeprint2.2-dev, libgnomeprintui2.2-dev, libgnomeui2-dev,  
   libgsf1.114-dev, libgsf1.114-gnome-dev, libhowl-dev, libhowl- 
shlibs, libiconv-bin,
   libiconv-dev, libjpeg, libofx3, libtool14, libxml2, opensp4-dev,  
   pango1-xft2-dev, pkgconfig, popt, system-openssl-dev, x11-dev, xml- 


   Depends: <<
   aqbanking16-shlibs, atk1-shlibs, audiofile-shlibs, bzip2-shlibs,
   esound-shlibs, gail17-shlibs, gconf2-shlibs,
   glib2-shlibs ( >= 2.12.7 ), gnome-keyring-shlibs, gnome-vfs2- 
   gtk+2-shlibs, gtkhtml3.8.15-shlibs,
   guile16-shlibs, gwenhywfar38-shlibs, ktoblzcheck-shlibs, libart2- 
   libbonobo2-shlibs, libbonoboui2-shlibs, libgettext3-shlibs,  
   libgnome2-shlibs, libgnomecanvas2-shlibs, libgnomeprint2.2-shlibs,
   libgnomeprintui2.2-shlibs, libgoffice-shlibs, libhowl-shlibs,  
   libiconv, libjpeg-shlibs, libofx3-shlibs, libtool14-shlibs,
   libxml2-shlibs, orbit2-shlibs, pango1-xft2-shlibs, popt-shlibs,

With all the dependencies in place, I can successfully build from the  
unpacked tarball using:

guile16-build env LIBRARY_PATH=/sw/lib CPATH=/sw/include ./configure  
--enable-error-on-warning --enable-compile-warnings --enable-opt- 
style-install --prefix=/some/path --enable-debug --enable-etags -- 
enable-doxygen --enable-ofx  --enable-hbci
guile16-build env LIBRARY_PATH=/sw/lib CPATH=/sw/include make
make install

gnucash 2.1.3 runs for me on a ppc mac when built this way.

I am, however, having cross-talk issues with one of Apple's libraries  
and a similarly named fink lib when I try to install 2.1.3 using a  
modified gnucash2.info file (which I have to get working before fink  
can release 2.2).

David Reiser
dbreiser at earthlink.net

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