GnuCash Testplan First Draft

ahmad sayed ahmadsayed83 at
Wed Jun 13 18:46:00 EDT 2007

when writing a test case we always has setup and teardown, the both these methods will be different according to the testcase, some testcase will need to have a gnucash without any data file, others will require this data file, these operation will be done in the setup, 
in general 

the basic testcase will be 
setup()            # do the required  setup (e.g  start  gnucash if not) 
teardown()      # do the required clean up close gnucash, kill gnucash process, .... )

setup will be different from test case to other, in some cases we need to open gnucash  without a file, In other cases will have gnucash open with a loaded data file, I miss writing the setup for these test cases, it will be fixed in the next test plan version.

Testing the register,
Regardless our ability to test the register it is relatively important, but how it could be done
1 - Create a custom class that wrap some raw events, this class used to do some higher level actions
   def write_something_on_cell(x ,y, something):
        press enter key for x times
        press tab key for y times.
        raw type (something)

    also use all possible accelerator  and hot keys.
2 - Modify the widget code to be accessible, I prefer this but not sure how feasible is it? , 

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