GnuCash 2.1.4 Released

Thomas Bushnell BSG tb at
Sat Jun 16 17:06:53 EDT 2007

> *DATA FILE NOTICE* If you are using Scheduled Transactions, the data 
> file saved by GnuCash 2.1.2 and higher is *NOT* backward-compatible with 
> GnuCash 2.0 anymore. Please make a safe backup of your 2.0 data before 
> upgrading to 2.1.2.

This kind of announcement is extremely problematic from a
redistributor/packager perspective (mine).  But maybe it's just the
announcement that's problematic and not the actual change it points to.

I could interpret this in two ways:

  "If you have an old data file, the new Gnucash will be unable to read
it, and worse, might destroy it."  This is a disaster, if true.

  "If you save a data file with the new Gnucash, then an old Gnucash
will be unable to read it."  If this is true, then it means that users
who start using the new Gnucash will have committed to the new one,
essentially, for that file, and backups are advised in case going back
to the old Gnucash is needed.

I would describe both of these by saying that it is "not backward
compatible".  Can you clarify which it is?


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