MS Win locale issue?

Christian Stimming stimming at
Wed Jun 20 10:06:13 EDT 2007

Quoting Andreas Köhler < at>:
>> > PS. One more question/doubt: why is there an option to "Enable  >  
>> euro support" in the general preferences?  
> I have a patch for that bug.  It removes the preference and treats it as
> always active.  Here is what that means:
> * registers for accounts with euro currencies, like ITL, will print all
> amounts in both, ITL and EUR to the summary bar
> * the summary bar in the accounts tree view shows an additional line for
> EUR totals
> As non-European users will find it confusing to see a EUR line, I wonder
> how to control its visibility.  Maybe by checking
> gnc_is_euro_currency(gnc_default_currency())?

What happens for the "normal" case of Euroland users, who have EUR  
accounts and maybe a small number of differently denominated accounts  
(USD etc.)? Do they still have one EUR line in the summary bar? Or  
suddenly a second one?

The register's summary bar can be enabled just fine; I think this  
won't surprise any current user because nobody has old euro-currencies  
still around. This can IMHO safely be made always-active.

The account tree summary bar, well, I wonder whether an extra EUR line  
is usefuly anymore at all. Maybe that whole preference should instead  
be named "Enable extra EUR summary line"?


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