I'd like to create an applet for gnucash

warlord at MIT.EDU warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Jun 25 14:34:33 EDT 2007

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Quoting Martin Kaffanke <technik at roomandspace.com>:

> On mån, 2007-06-25 at 12:31 -0400, Derek Atkins wrote:
>>  1) Start gnucash (maybe as part of Gnome Session)
>>  2) Wait for First Start (only at gnome session start).
>>  3) Gnucash puts an icon in the application bar of the gnome panel
>>  4) click on the gnucash icon and the app opens immediately
>>  5) enter a couple transactions
>>  6) save
>>  7) "exit gnucash" (which really just hides it)
>>  8) repeat from #4
>> In this case, "exiting" gnucash really doens't exit, it just
>> "hides" the app, just like pidgin.
>> Wouldn't this do what you want?
> I normally look for keeping my session where simple and small, so this
> would be to much for me.
> But if it works I would use it as a workarround.

Well, it would require work to integrate into gnome-session, get the
icon, do the hide vs. exit, and handle graceful shutdown..  But I think
this would be much easier than what you propose, and I think it gets
you most of what you want (quick 'startup' of the gnucash application).

> - Martin


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