broken (?) link on [How to search]

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 7 16:45:40 EST 2007

Quoting Christian Stimming <stimming at>:

> Am Dienstag, 27. Februar 2007 03:44 schrieb Frank H. Ellenberger:
>> long time ago, I was wondering about this selfreference
>> <a href="/search/">[How to search]</a>
>> on the page, but did not bother about it.
>> So I assume, that [How to search] should refer to something like
> Just to add some more detail: This question asks about the SVN file
> search/templates/NMZ.head.php_tmpl line 31 which reads
> <a href="{cgi}"><?=_("[How to search]")?></a>
> At runtime, the href target "{cgi}" evaluates to
> <a href="/search/">[How to search]</a>
> The PHP variable {cgi} is just exactly the same as the overall action of the
> form, which is set in the same file in line 25:
> <form method="get" action="{cgi}">
> In effect, pressing the "How to search" link gives you the same as pressing
> the "Search" button with an empty search. I wonder whether this is really
> intended. As Frank already said: This link should probably lead to the
> page, especially because I don't see any link anywhere else that
> would lead to that page...

No, this is correct.  The file is pulled in from an
empty query.  In fact it's already there on the main search page.
This is really only useful on subsequent pages, but NMZ doesn't
let you do that easily.

> Christian


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