Jerry Quinn jlquinn at optonline.net
Mon Mar 12 00:26:52 EDT 2007

Mark Johnson wrote:
> Wasn't there some suggestion that an audit trail would be useful in a 
> distributed environment a while back?  It sounds like it would have a 
> great deal in common with the undo.

I had talked to my dad a bit about features that he would need to use gnucash 
in their business setting and audit trail was at the top of the list.  With an 
audit trail, you really can't have an undo that is indistinguishable from 
never doing the operation.  You can enter a reversing transaction and hide the 
transaction pair, and other accounting systems do support this.

An audit trail could be handled similar to the current log.  An undo operation 
would need to be another entry in the log.

Does multiuser entry track the user that makes a particular change?  That 
information becomes piece of the audit trail.

Jerry Quinn

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