A coding challenge wants you

Andreas Köhler andi5.py at gmx.net
Wed Mar 14 04:44:19 EDT 2007


On Mo, 2007-02-12 at 02:06 +0100, "Andreas Köhler" wrote:
> Hi folks,
> some of you might have noticed that GnuCash is going strong to add Windows
> as supported platform.  As you can see at [1], the top item on our todo
> priority queue is to make GnuCash read and write compressed data files.
> The porting here is not trivial, because the current code uses fork(2),
> a concept not available on Windows.  The parent process just writes|reads
> to|from the child process which uses libz to (de)compress the data.
> There is some consensus that a threaded solution might solve this issue
> nicely.  But none of the core developers seems to work on that right now.
> Maybe someone searching for a way to contribute back wants to step in.
> Note that you do not need to actually run Windows, because the work will
> probably mostly be on the GLib level.  Technical support will be
> included :)
> IMHO, this can be a good non-trivial problem for getting involved.

one month passed and, as far as I know, nobody spoke up to even try it.
So unless someone cries up, I will give it a shot in the following days

-- andi5

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