Errors in several of the business reports

Nigel Titley nigel at
Mon Mar 26 06:56:53 EDT 2007

Andreas Köhler wrote:
> Hi,
> Nigel Titley schrieb:
>> I'm getting errors in several of the business reports with SVN 
>> r15749. This is on Ubuntu 6.10. The example below is of the customer 
>> report.
>> Any thoughts anyone?
> yeah, that one was missed in the GWrap -> Swig transition and got 
> fixed by r15754.  Thanks for the report!  I guess we need thorough 
> testing of all reports before releasing 2.2.  What else? :-)
Thanks for the fix (I'll do a rebuild and retest tonight).

I'll do a run through of at least all the business reports and try and 
do the rest as well.


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