Ping: Re: [patch] FIx loan druid when auto_decimal is enabled

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Mar 27 15:46:04 EDT 2007

"Josh Sled" <jsled at> writes:

>>> What else would you like me to do?
>> Convince JSled to look at it?  He knows that code better than I do.
>> The patch looks okay to me, but I don't understand the code..
> I'd be happy to, but I'm out of town on business this week, and am not
> really in a place to (comfortably) apply the patch.  I'll take a closer
> look next week.

Well, I could (probably) apply the patch, but I'm not confortable
doing so because I don't understand the underlying code.

> Can you attach the patch to the bug, please?

Definitely a good idea...  Um, what bug# is it?


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