World friendlier printable invoices

Bryan Cebuliak bryan.cebuliak at
Mon Oct 1 01:32:59 EDT 2007

It is important to know why this happened to avert mass disaster on
upgrading to the new *-invoice.scm files.

Come to think of it the same thing happened to me while I was writing
and  testing the new files. I am not sure why. Perhaps the gnucash
developers can tell us?

However, I think now you will find that if you replace the original
*-invoice.scm files with my new ones, assuming you have closed all
your invoice and printable invoice report tabs first, everything will

Thanks for your attention and perseverance, Andrew. Perhaps we can get
these Gnucash invoices to print properly for us Antipodeans after all.

On 10/1/07, Andrew Greig <algreig at> wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-10-01 at 10:12 +1000, Bryan Cebuliak wrote:
> > Well, on  my 2.2.1 systems [ On  Debian Sid   and Windows and
> > compiled on  Ubuntu  Feisty] everything works  with or without the
> > localisation changes.
> >
> > I am not a  linux  guru.  I don't know about these socket problems.
> >
> > I  guess  I would  try wiping  out  your local config files  in
> > /home/yourusername/.gnucash  reinstalling gnucash  from  mandriva's
> > rpm.
> >
> > On 10/1/07, Andrew Greig <algreig at> wrote:
> > > On Mon, 2007-10-01 at 06:05 +1000, Bryan Cebuliak wrote:
> > > > Or, perhaps it is something to do with having an old open invoice in
> > > > your gnucash working file. Revert to original files, open gnucash,
> > > > close all tabs except the main one, quit gnucash then try again?
> Hi Bryan,
> I reverted all of the files which I had replaced.  And then gnucash
> started again.  Yes you were right, there was an bill opening on
> starting.  I have paid it, closed it and saved the file again.
> But when checking to see if it would open on starting Gnucash, I found
> it did.  I will post this behaviour to the list.  I suspect that I have
> to have only the chart of accounts loaded on start-up, for everything
> else to work.
> Thanks
> Andrew

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