Windows nightly build: Would you use it?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Oct 8 18:30:13 EDT 2007

Quoting Stephen Grant brown <s_g_brown at>:

> Hi Nathan,
> I live in Australia. I have a 500 megabyte per month download limit.
> Most ISP's seem to have that as their base account and I guess it 
> costs double the cost of the basic account to get unlimited 
> downloads. ie I pay $30 a month, it would cost me about $70 dollars a 
> month for unlimited downloads.
> Yours Sincerely Stephen Grant Brown

Umm, this begs the question of why you'd want to download and update
gnucash in binary form every day, rather than, say, once a week or
just building it from source.   The daily builds are more for people
to try to test specific bug-fixes between releases.  I dont expect
them to be used by someone to actually test each daily build.  Keep
in mind that many days there might not even be any changes.

Frankly, if you want to test changes every day you should just set up
a build environment and build it yourself every day.


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