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Anti Kutoja <antikutoja at> writes:
> Hi fellahs,
> Thank you both very much for replying to my query
> about the problems of trying to build a gnucash and
> getting the documentation.
> I am still in trouble so please bear with me while I
> tell what I've done so far.
> I got and installed Rauch Christan's RPM and, although
> it installed some docs it wasn't enough since gnucash
> complained about not finding the docs in either of two
> directories it detailed.
> I then got and installed the gnucash docs package but
> that installed in a directory also not found by
> gnucash. I guess I should have tried to direct the
> ".configure" more accurately.
> I then symbolically linked the docs package stuff into
> the directory that gnucash had earlier complained that
> it couldn't find the docs in.
> There was still one more problem. Under the "gnucash"
> directory along the "docs" required path, there was a
> sub-directory called "doc". This was, apparently,
> unknown to gnucash and it still complained about not
> finding the documentation.
> I resolved that by linking all the contents of the
> "doc" directory back into the "gnucash" directory and
> this worked... up to a point.
> When I tried again to launch the tutorial, the kde
> help module told me there was no documentation for
> ...../gnucash/C/gnucash-guide.xml.
> I have yelp installed so I launched it and asked for
> stuff on gnucash. It went away for over an hour
> without responding so I killed it.
> Do you think if I re-install the distro and choose the
> gnome desktop, things will work better? I see that
> gnucash uses gnome components fairly extensively.

Installing packages from your distribution (or established providers like
C. Rauch) shouldn't require you to manually guess your way through symlinking
directories together.

Things might be a bit easier if you reinstalled with a gnome environment, but
that's not a requirement for using GnuCash.

> I managed to get some 2002 pdf tutorial from the
> gnucash website but there was no mention of things
> like invoices, sales ledgers and so on. Have these
> things been added since 2002? If not, are they
> planned?

Accounts/Receivable, A/Payable, Vendors, Customers, Jobs, Payroll and
Invoices have all been features since 1.8.  I'm not sure which PDF you're
referring to since you don't identify it ... but if it's "A User Guide to
GnuCash" by David Gilbert dated Nov 4, 2002 (from
<>), then claims to only be
current as of the 1.6 release.

There is more current documentation available at
<>; it's exactly the same as is installed by
the gnucash-docs package.

> Thanks again for your help.
> Kind Regards - Andy Weaver

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