Search dialog with multiple search arguments

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Oct 14 11:36:57 EDT 2007

Quoting don Paolo Benvenuto <donpaolo at>:

>> * New search -- throw away your last set of results/criteria and start over
>> * Refine current search -- This lets you search within the results of the
>>   previous search; i.e. an "AND" into the previous query
>> * Add results to current search -- this is an "OR" into the previous query
>>   so the results from the new set of criteria will get inserted into the
>>   results.
>> * Delete results from current search -- this is a NAND operation, so it
>>   will remove the results of the new criteria from the existing results.
> Actually I get that all the options others than "new search" are 
> greyed, not available.
> Is it a bug, or have I something in my preferences that disables 
> those options?
> I have the 2.2.1 debian unstable

Well, they should be greyed out the first time; they should be available
for sub-queries.  But it appears to be a bug in the "Find Transactions"
function that there's no way to initiate a sub-query.  So, yes, it's
a bug in that particular case.  But it works fine in the business cases.


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